Google will now use html title tag 87 % of the time

Html title tag plays an important role in google search result pages but some people mostly non-seo bloggers don’t have the knowledge of these terms and they leave these title tag empty or half-filled or the same title throughout the website. But it should be unique for every page of our website. Google which is … Read more

What is the ideal blog post length in terms of seo?

What should be the ideal blog post length should be to rank in search engines?

Blog post length can be anything between 300 to 10000 words as it all depends on the topic and competitiveness, if it requires lots of analysis to prove your points then it can be lengthy but a simple news article can cover the story in 500 words. While writing a blog post keep three things in mind :

Article should follow the TAT Formula :

  1. To the Point.
  2. Attractive enough for engaging.
  3. Takes minimum time to read.

Top digital marketing experts suggest that the post of your blog should be minimum 2000 to 2500 words long.

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