5 Must have wordpress plugins for beginners

For a beginner who have little seo knowledge, wordpress plugins will make many tasks easier. But, how will you decide which plugin you should install or not depends upon its rating, its freshness like Is it compatible with the latest wordpress version, how much space it will require to run ? among many factors that … Read more

How to start a wordpress blog in 2021

Blogging is becoming very popular as more freelancers, small businesses, and big brands using this blogging platform to convey their messages. So if you have expertise in any field or topic then you can start blogging and connect with others who share the same interests. Starting a wordpress blog is easy as you need just … Read more

Top 5 blogging platforms of 2020

Nowadays; blogging becomes very popular because it is a mainstream source of information. Through the source of blogging, companies can keep¬†their customers up-to-date with their products or services information and also visitors can interact via¬†comments. An individual can also earn money through blogging. The more people visit your blog, the more publicity and trust you … Read more