Google issuing notices to sites that have mobile-first indexing issues

As Google is giving importance to websites which are mobile-friendly means your website should look good in a smartphone viewing, so it becomes important that your website theme supports mobile-first criterion. Now Google is sending out notices of “mobile-first indexing issues detected” to web owners via Google Search Console. What is mobile-first indexing? In general … Read more

Top 15 Social Media Marketing Apps for Business


Whether your business is small or big you should be aware of the social media sites to promote any business for its long term survival in the market. Social media website or application enable the users to create and share content via social networking. It is an interactive computer-mediated technology that facilitates the creation or … Read more

Top 5 blogging platforms of 2020

Nowadays; blogging becomes very popular because it is a mainstream source of information. Through the source of blogging, companies can keep their customers up-to-date with their products or services information and also visitors can interact via comments. An individual can also earn money through blogging. The more people visit your blog, the more publicity and trust you … Read more

What is the ideal blog post length in terms of seo?

What should be the ideal blog post length should be to rank in search engines?

Blog post length can be anything between 300 to 10000 words as it all depends on the topic and competitiveness, if it requires lots of analysis to prove your points then it can be lengthy but a simple news article can cover the story in 500 words. While writing a blog post keep three things in mind :

Article should follow the TAT Formula :

  1. To the Point.
  2. Attractive enough for engaging.
  3. Takes minimum time to read.

Top digital marketing experts suggest that the post of your blog should be minimum 2000 to 2500 words long.

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